Monday, May 7, 2012

Viva Los Vengadores, Amigos

Are any readers out there IT consultants who travel most of the time?  After spending the better part of last week in Mexico City living out of a suit case on an implementation, I can appreciate the strain.  Despite a week sans children,  I didn't get in any blogging.  I did make it out to Teotihuacan, however, so I'll have some nifty photos to post in the next day or so.

Made it back last night and the family had reserved tickets for The Avengers - or should I say, Los Vengadores.  It really is a great superhero movie.  Ensembles are difficult to pull off, but The Avengers was excellent; it's hard to tell if The Avengers worked so well for me because I saw all the solo movies or the script was just that good.  The Hulk stole the movie for me with his blend of horror and laughs, and I really loved the new direction for the character.  Mark Ruffalo brought a degree of weariness to the portrayal of Banner that emphasized the anxiety of trying to hold back a monster.  Hulk is the modern wolf-man.

My only gripe was a bit of minor nerd-dom.  The Chitauri are the "ultimate universe" version of the Skrulls, so I kept expecting to see some shape changing Skrull infiltration.  Hopefully they're just holding that back for the sequel.  It's a bit puzzling how the movies have all been themed after the "ultimate universe".  I guess it's due to the edgier, updated costumes and accelerated story lines.  Why else would they insist on calling it the tesseract instead of the Cosmic Cube?  Very cool that the mysterious voice instructing Loki at the beginning of the movie was the big T-Man himself.

Gaming posts to resume shortly, starting with a recap of our last Cthulhu game.

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  1. Well, there are a couple of reasons to use the Ultimate line for a basis.

    First, there's less continuity sprawl to deal with.

    Second, Sam Jackson's movie deal was part of the deal for using his likeness for Ultimate Nick Fury.

    And who doesn't want the potential of having Sam Jackson say, "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf@#king Chitauri on this motherf@#king planet!"