Black City Project

The Black City is a ruined, alien city in the frozen north, on the shore of the island of Thule.  It was rediscovered a few years ago by Viking Northmen, who've built a small outpost, Trade Town, on the coast near the city.  Each year, more Northmen adventurers arrive in Trade Town to test their skills exploring the city and the ruined dungeons below it.

The vision behind the project is to create a "weird horror" megadungeon, that blends the standard D&D tropes with aliens and elements of sci fi fantasy, a touch of HP Lovecraft, and a heaping helping of Vikings.

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This list below was the original project outline and many of the early blog posts when I was thinking out loud, but I've been slowly compiling a manuscript since January of 2012 and haven't been updating the original links below since much of the work is offline now (and away from player's eyes).