Thursday, June 21, 2012

Randomly Generated Viking Ships

Big thanks to those insightful comments from yesterday - it really helped cement my decision to pregenerate more content, both for my tabletop game and for the future manuscript.  I like the idea of publishing the source tables in an appendix with some algorithms so a home DM can make their own content, too.

I put the excel programming in place and generated a few hundred sample ships yesterday - below is a table excerpt on how they look.  For me personally, this gives me plenty of bones to improvise the rest; keep in mind that somewhere I have a chart with ship demographics - what's the level of a knarr captain versus a longship captain, what's the crew breakdown of level 0 guys, that kind of stuff (it might be out here, too, I'll look for the link).  I also made a few hundred extra Viking names and personalities in case other names are needed.  Next up - a "meat shields" type generator for Black City retainers, and then I'm going to program the hex content generators.

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