Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some Quick New Year's Resolutions

It's that time to set some public (gaming) goals for the new year - here goes!

Barring a TPK, I'd like to see Gothic Greyhawk run through the entire year.  The campaign has elements of supernatural horror, good vs evil, and a strong element of the war between Law and Chaos that is slowly being revealed;  I would love to see it develop all the way.

I'm also going to set a goal of running 3 Cthulhu one-shots; I really the series of one-shot PDF adventures being put out by Pelgrane Press for Trail of Cthulhu; one of these days I'll start reviewing some of the ones we've played.

The ideas for the Black City are coming together; my goal for the year is to have the first iteration of the upper works, at least 3 of the dungeon levels ready to go, and high level notes for the rest of the campaign setting.  (If something happens to Gothic Greyhawk, The Black City goes right onto the front burner).

I'm hoping to read at least 12 of the books on my Appendix N reading list; should be able to complete more (unfortunately, I have a bunch of tech books for the real world to stay on top of, otherwise 12 would be a cinch).

I like the idea of checking back in a year and seeing how I did.

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  1. I like Both the Black City and Gothic Greyhawk very much, though I'd really LOVE to see how the Black City will develop!