Thursday, January 5, 2012

When My Blog Finally Grows Up…

I want it to be like Jeff's Game Blog.  I posted an AD&D poll about the most dubious AD&D rules a few months ago, and was delighted to get over a hundred votes.  Jeff posted a similar poll yesterday, and had over 250 votes in less than one day.  (I just checked back, and less than 24 hours it's at 320 votes).

I'm here to tell you, my friends, that is REAL ULTIMATE GAME BLOGGING POWER™!

This is not jealousy but outright admiration.  8 years of high quality, gonzo excellence - I can only hope the Lich House is even around 8 years from now.  That is an impressive run, man.  Jeff is the Iron Man of Game Blogging.  After just finishing only a year of blogging, I can appreciate the diligence of maintaining steady blog output for 8+ years.  I can think of handfuls of game blogs that popped up and crapped out just last year.  So I tip my hat off towards Jeff's place.

With that in mind, I'm thinking the Iron Man of the blogging world should have some Chuck Norris style facts… something like, "Jeff doesn't roll dice anymore, he snaps his fingers and they rearrange to the result he needs."  Or, " Jeff doesn't read game books to learn the rules, the texts read Jeff to learn Jeff's rules."

I'm dealing with a bad cold, hopped on the meds, and the work week is dragging on.  It would be delightful if any of you are inspired to add your own "Iron Man of Game Blogging" Facts in the comment's section.

I'm sure I'll see my way to a non-frivolous post shortly.


  1. "Jeff is so Old School that lives by hex-crawling".

    No idea what that's meant to mean, but it's the best I can come up while at work ;)

  2. How about this, Simon?

    Jeff's so old school, he doesn't commute in the morning... he Hex-Crawls to work!