Friday, August 24, 2012

Pent Up Reading

I've been slogging though a technical SAP manual, which I've wisely left behind on numerous vacations and breaks; however, I've also made a commitment to finish it before diving into more interesting (gaming-related) reading.  I took a look at the pile of game books accumulating in the queue, and the list is becoming daunting!  With any luck, I'll start on the fun stuff in another week.

Too much to read, never enough time - in this hobby, tell me you can't relate.

The List
For the future Oriental Adventures D&D game:
Warriors of Medieval Japan
Strongholds of the Samurai
…sundry recommendations yet to be obtained

For our next Cthulhu change of pace:
Bumps in the Night
Mysteries of Mesoamerica
Delta Green
Night's Black Agents
The Zalozhniy Quartet
Delta Green: Eyes Only

General Cool Stuff:
Weird Adventures
Other Dust
Dungeon Crawl Classics
The Monolith Beyond Space & Time
Death Love Doom
Various Osprey Pirates books...
Numerous fiction books hanging out looking even more sad than the game books... The Black Company is probably the next major fantasy book.

*Image is from "Time Enough At Last", one of the best Twilight Zones... I'll be feeling a bit like Henry Bemis if I'm not careful.


  1. For your Oriental Adventures game, may I humbly suggest my blog:

  2. What is The Zalozhiny Quartet? I haven't seen that anywhere.

  3. I misspelled it - it's The Zalozhniy Quartet - it's a 4-scenario mini-campaign for Night's Black Agents.

  4. For OA two of the modules are very good, Swords of the Daimyo and Blood of the Yakuza.

  5. For OA two of the modules are very good, Swords of the Daimyo and Blood of the Yakuza.

  6. Not sure I'd say "Time Enough at Last" was one of the best Twilight Zone episodes, but as a guy who had 20/400 vision for most of his life, I'd agree it was the most heart-wrenching!

    1. My vision isn't great either - I had an eye surgery a decade ago (to remove a rare kind of eye tumor) and it trashed my vision in that eye - I have vague fears of losing my good eye, and then having a life time of books I couldn't read... that particular episode always stuck with me .