Sunday, February 22, 2015

Needs More Drow

It's a lazy post for a lazy Sunday afternoon while I get ready for some Sunday night games... how would you work Drow Elves into the world of antiquity?

We'll be playing a 5E game and I've worked a number of the 'modern D&D' races into the setting already.  Dragonborn are descendants of the Spartoi, the dragon-men created by Cadmus (and Jason) by sowing special dragon's teeth.  Tieflings are outcasts from the decadent cities of the East.  The game doesn't use Orcs; I'm using the Half Orc to represent humans cursed by the gods to live as hideous outcasts.  Dwarves are creations of Hephaestus, while their dark counterparts, the Duergar, are minions of Hades.

How would you put Drow into the mythic world?

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  1. Drow are also creatures of the underworld, but at odds with the Duergar faction, for whatever reasons. Maybe one group is loyal to Hades, and the other wants to overthrow him? Time for some dark dealings in dark places!