Tuesday, March 17, 2015

13th Age and Taenarum

One thing I've been considering as Taenarum motors along is how to incorporate more effects of the gods (and their intrusions on the mortal world) into the campaign.  This is the time after the heroic age of mythic Greece; heroes and dungeons are the new spectator sport of the gods.  Once players have earned a few levels and started to experience some success, they should be on the radar, coming to the attention of otherworldly patrons and antagonists.

I never picked up the 13th Age game from Pelgrane, but I'm a fan of the publisher and follow its projects.  A thought flew into my brain - 13th Age had a system called "Icons", powerful background characters in the setting - and a way for either the player or DM to invoke them during the game session.  I'm not fully clear how the system worked, but it seems like an option to present various Greek deities and similar powerful characters in Taenarum.  Aid from an Icon, assuming that's something they do, could easily be represented via 5E's inspiration mechanic.

Does anyone have practical experience with 13th Age and can provide some pointers on how they used 13th Age style Icons in their game?  Does this seem like a good fit for various petty Greek gods?

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