Monday, December 21, 2015

Lairs & Encounters Kickstarter for ACKS

I'm taking a moment out of studying to post a kickstarter-related PSA:  Lairs & Encounters, by Autarch (the publishers of Adventurer, Conqueror, King).  The kickstarter has gone swimmingly well, funding in the first week and climbing up the bonus goals.  Alex, the Autarch himself, has declared a promotional challenge in honor of the solstice:  if the kickstarter gets another $500 or so by noon tomorrow, hitting the target goal of $18,500, then he'll unlock the next two bonus goals instead of just one.  If you're thinking about jumping in, this is a good time to do it.  Autarch has developed a cadence of timely releases and providing advance access to the draft manuscript once the kickstarter funds, minimizing the usual crowdfunding risks.

I like resource books full of pre-made content, whether it be something like the old AD&D Rogues Gallery or D&D's Shady Dragon Inn, or a book of ready-to-go monster hideouts like this Lairs & Encounters; they're handy to have any time the party is heading overland.  The book includes 135 monster lairs from the standard bestiary, 16 maps featuring more detailed lairs, some treasure maps, rules for creating and balancing your own monsters, and various sandbox-oriented systems.  Hitting the bonus goal adds 9 more lair maps, 5 more treasure maps, and a handful of new monsters.  On deck are various Viking themed monsters and desert themed monsters.  Naturally, I'm already a backer and would love to see a bunch of new monsters get added to the project!

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