Monday, January 11, 2016

For the Dungeon Campaign: Are your towns safe?

I've seen some campaign discussions through the years where the referee has declared that towns are safe zones for their dungeon or wilderness campaign, and adventure only happens "out there" - perhaps outside of town, across the river, or in the dungeon itself.   Can anyone who's run this kind of game discuss how the experience went?

It seems like encounters in towns and cities can provide relief and contrast with the tactical world of the dungeon, so I'm wondering, even for a megadungeon campaign, whether I'd actually want to declare towns and cities 'safe zones' or not, and limit a facet of the game.  On the other hand, I can see benefits in making towns purely transactional places that quickly get the focus back to a specific locale.

I'd love to hear perspectives from folks that have gone with the 'town is safe' approach, or some guidance toward blog posts or other writings where the discussion has been expressed already.  Thanks much!

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  1. It looks like no one answered you, did you ever come to conclusions about this?