Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The Lamentations Hype Machine - New Dungeons Incoming

JR 4 put a video together discussing new releases for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.  I like the format - the two Jims manifesting the internal dialogue between good business sense versus creative freedom.  That seems to be the whole ballgame for LOTFP:

There should be a lot of new books to review as this material hits DriveThruRPG or I get my hands on some physical copies.  Somewhere along the way I heard this wave includes lots of dungeons that hearken back to the early days of Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and that is welcome news.  It's a really good rules set, but LOTFP is strongest when it builds on standard tropes and gives them a two-handed shove through the doorway into The Weird.

I saw some social media posts from James where he said the last convention - Ropecon - had the highest sales ever since he's been attending it.  That's really interesting,  Gencon is this weekend - I have a buddy going who may try to pick up a few books for me.  I could be delusional about the underlying cause, but it seems like WOTC's OGL kerfuffle energized people to check out alternate games (including OSR publishers).  Alexander Macris, the ACKS creator, has been plugging away at an updated version of ACKS.  We should see that this summer.

Stay tuned - I'm looking forward to seeing a return by LOTFP to weird dungeons.  I'm working on a review of Curse of the Daughterbrides but should be able to see some new stuff next week and gauge for myself.  Anyone out there in the EU had a chance to see any of the new books in person?

Post Script:  

I was visiting some in-laws near Kentucky and saw that my entire blog was blocked by their ISP.  I could see it when I connect to cellular.  I don't even think there's anything controversial here, maybe an instance of foul language?  This is exactly why we need to fight censorship and battle against the suppression of ideas - and support our small publishers.  I'm with the banned.


  1. Not to discount you concerns, but I'm in Kentucky and can read this just fine.