Friday, April 8, 2011

Black City Friday: Island Encounter Tables

Encounter tables for the southern and western island of Thule, as well as the northern glaciers and surrounding islands.  I prefer using a curve for encounter tables; common encounters are in the 5-7 range on the charts and the rare and dangerous encounters on the ends of the curve will appear infrequently.

The encounter chance is a 1-2 on a 6-sided die each day, and a 1-2 on 12-sided die each night in camp.

Southern Thule
Roll 2d6
2: Ice Troll 1-3
3: Ice Toad 1-3
4: Taer 1-8
5: Humans
6: Polar Bear 1-6
7: Herd Animals (Reindeer) 2-20
8: Giant Snake 1-4
9: Mammoth 1-10
10: Peryton 1-6
11: Irish Deer 1-6
12: White Dragon 1

Northern Thule (Glaciers) and other islands
Roll 2d6
2: Remorhaz 1
3: Ice Troll 1-4
4: Ice Toad 1-4
5: Taer 2-16
6: Polar Bear 1-6
7: Herd Animals (Reindeer) 2-20
8: Icy Hazard
9: Peryton 1-8
10: Irish Deer 1-8
11: Wind Walker 1-3
12: White Dragon 1

Notes on some creatures:
Taers are bestial white fur covered ape-men; substitute white apes as desired.

Humans will be a Northman themed NPC party (50%) or Berserkers (50%).

The Thule Snake is a giant poisonous snake covered with white fur.  They are amphibious monsters that live near the coasts and feed on marine mammals.

Icy Hazards:  Hazards can include avalanches in the mountains, treacherous ice crevasses on the glaciers, or holes and ditches obscured by snow.  If the party hasn't taken reasonable precautions, a hazard will require each party member caught in the hazard to saves vs petrification or take 3-18 damage.

Wind Walkers:  These are amongst the most feared creatures on the glaciers, bodiless demons of the winds that can strip flesh to the bone.


  1. Why do you roll 2d12...? Did you mean 2d6 to get the curve for your tables...? Just checking, and curious, maybe I missed something.

  2. Proof reading problem - should be roll 2d6 (for a result of 2-12). Thanks for pointing out the mistake!

  3. Is the Thule snake the same as the Snow Serpent in the Nehwon section of Dieties and Demigods?

  4. In the back of Monster Manual 2, there was an off-hand reference to Giant Poisonous Furred Snakes, and I ran with it - I'll track down the Snow Serpent and see if it's a better fit.

    I like the idea of giant poisonous sea snakes, wtih fur, that hunt seals and fish.