Friday, April 8, 2011

Black City Friday: Island Encounter Tables

Encounter tables for the southern and western island of Thule, as well as the northern glaciers and surrounding islands.  I prefer using a curve for encounter tables; common encounters are in the 5-7 range on the charts and the rare and dangerous encounters on the ends of the curve will appear infrequently.

The encounter chance is a 1-2 on a 6-sided die each day, and a 1-2 on 12-sided die each night in camp.

Southern Thule
Roll 2d6
2: Ice Troll 1-3
3: Ice Toad 1-3
4: Taer 1-8
5: Humans
6: Polar Bear 1-6
7: Herd Animals (Reindeer) 2-20
8: Giant Snake 1-4
9: Mammoth 1-10
10: Peryton 1-6
11: Irish Deer 1-6
12: White Dragon 1

Northern Thule (Glaciers) and other islands
Roll 2d6
2: Remorhaz 1
3: Ice Troll 1-4
4: Ice Toad 1-4
5: Taer 2-16
6: Polar Bear 1-6
7: Herd Animals (Reindeer) 2-20
8: Icy Hazard
9: Peryton 1-8
10: Irish Deer 1-8
11: Wind Walker 1-3
12: White Dragon 1

Notes on some creatures:
Taers are bestial white fur covered ape-men; substitute white apes as desired.

Humans will be a Northman themed NPC party (50%) or Berserkers (50%).

The Thule Snake is a giant poisonous snake covered with white fur.  They are amphibious monsters that live near the coasts and feed on marine mammals.

Icy Hazards:  Hazards can include avalanches in the mountains, treacherous ice crevasses on the glaciers, or holes and ditches obscured by snow.  If the party hasn't taken reasonable precautions, a hazard will require each party member caught in the hazard to saves vs petrification or take 3-18 damage.

Wind Walkers:  These are amongst the most feared creatures on the glaciers, bodiless demons of the winds that can strip flesh to the bone.