Friday, December 23, 2016

Game On

Nobody found my phylactery in time.  The long sojourn pursuing arcane studies in the ivy-covered halls of academia has come to an acceptable conclusion.  The portal to the sepulchral tomb creaks open, and the lich re-emerges.  The master of the Lich House has returned.

After a year and a half of grinding my way through a master's degree, I'm back.

I've kept tabs on the D&D blogosphere - mostly OSR stuff, naturally, but I follow a little 5E too - and continued to run some games.  I was still running Dwimmermount up until September, but the last semester was crushing.  When you rank work, family, kids, school (defending a master's thesis), running games, and then writing about games, the actual running of games beat out writing about them.  The Lich House had to go dark.

The Dwimmermount group is going to pick up next week (right after the holiday) and I'll do some kind of summary of the missing game reports to get caught up.  We were on session 36 or so, and the published game reports petered out around 18 or 19.  It's a spectacular megadungeon.  The players were battling back and forth with the Termaxians over control of the Great Machine and the power to open the prison of Turms Termax.  We're right at the best parts.  I'm going to run Curse of Strahd for 5E, but I'm especially looking forward to working on my own stuff again.

I'll also catch up on game reading - lots of good stuff came out the past year that I haven't given much attention yet.  I've got Maze of the Blue Medusa, Brood Mother Sky Fortress, ACKS Lairs and Encounters, and Operation Unfathomable queued up to read.  After powering through a book per week for months and months for school, I'm looking forward to catching up on fun gaming reading.  What else did you guys like this past year?

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