Thursday, May 5, 2011

Black City Maps - the City and Transit Tunnels

Here is an updated map of the surface of the Black City using letters for all of the major surface features - some represent special encounter areas, some are sealed/warded buildings that have survived unscathed.

A The Well of Woe
B Tower of Astronomy
C Sunken Vaults
D The Maze
E The Misty Hollow
F Central Command
G The Great Ramp
H Great Glacier
I Watchers
J The Blue Obelisk
K The Hippodrome
L The Tower of Pain
M The Face in the Ground
N The Palladium
O Institute of the Arcane
P The Plaza
Q Spire of Thaumaturgy

Here's the area map for the first sub level below the city, The Transit Tunnels.

The tunnels are a network of large corridors (think subways) with different access points to the frozen ruins up above.  The nodes represent clusters of rooms and passages accessible from the tunnels.  The following lettered areas have small dungeon maps (15-30 rooms each) prepared on graph paper:

A Well of Woe
B The Loading Docks
C The Healthy Inner Glow
D Electric Company
E The Dragon's Den

Nodes without letters are either areas I don't plan to publish on the blog (to keep something back for my players), or will be inaccessible or ripe for expansion - ala Greyhawk Construction Company Black City Construction Company.

"Megadungeon" can mean many things, and in the case of this first level, it's an expansive sequence of tunnels leading to small modular dungeons of 15-30 rooms where it's easy to plug in new mini dungeons whenever a new tunnel is found, cleared, or otherwise added (for instance, only 5 out of 9 mini dungeons are statted out, not counting discovering new main tunnels or access ways).

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  1. That's a good way to establish dungeons beneath a city (ruined or otherwise). Just working out a small dungeon under a keep for my game, which I'll share on my blog too.