Friday, June 3, 2011

Recent Poll Results

I archive my polls on a page for later reference - there's a Poll Page in the links up above.  Here are notes on some of the recent ones.

May 4th:  Which edition of version of Old School D&D will fit the Black City best?

AD&D 1E 9 (14%), Moldvay/Cook BX 7 (11%), Lamentations of the Flame Princess 22 (34%), Swords & Wizardry Complete 10 (15%), Labyrinth Lord 3 (4%), Labyrinth Lord with AEC 8 (12%), OSRIC 4 (6%)

This was an interesting poll - dipping into "edition war" territory.  However, OSR folks seem live-and-let-live with the varied flavors of old D&D.  I'm thinking either LOTFP is really popular, my blog has a higher proportion of LOTFP fans, or folks honestly think the Black City should have more of the gritty, horror vibe in Weird Fantasy LOTFP.

BX is usually my "go to" system - if you group it with LL, it came in at 26% (combining BX with LL and the AEC).  AD&D 1E came in at 20% if you group OSRIC and AD&D.  That's surprising, because everyone owns those hard covers.  It's true I flame AD&D all the time for it's munchkin power creep, but I thought it was still the king - maybe it's just more popular with discussion board members than bloggers.  (If Gencon is an indication, there is a ton of AD&D 1E stuff running and not too much Classic D&D or retro clone action - or we're not that organized).

I just got a copy of Swords & Wizardry Complete - it's a beautiful book - and I'll be comparing it to the core rules.  I'm wondering if I should have phrased this choice as S&W (any version).  Could just be that OD&D isn't as popular as everything else (but it did come in well above Labyrinth Lord).

April 12th:  Do you have any special treatment of Continual Light in your D&D world?

No - use the rules as written   9 (32%), Raggi style - it's banned!   7 (25%), It's not permanent   4 (14%), I use lots of dispels   0 (0%), Magic is rare   7 (25%),  Other - see comments   1 (3%).

The interesting thing about Continual Light, many folks recognize that cheap, permanent light is an absolute world changer - if you're going for gritty and Medieval, it has to go.  Only 32% allow unfettered Continual Light.

I thought the most interesting comment was something about radioactive continual light that erodes or decays whatever it's cast on - brilliant.  Just look at how brutal sunlight is to roofs (or anything with color).


  1. I honestly didn't know there were so many versions of OSR D&D. I've been educated.

  2. Yeah, the implications of continual light are staggering. I banished it years ago after fiddling with ways to make it more costly. The radioactive angle is very sharp, though.