Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Game Shelf at the Lich House

The first picture includes the items currently out for use (older games like AD&D 2E or various super hero games are boxed in the attic).  Most of that top shelf is Pelgrane Press and Chaosium stuff for Call of Cthulhu; you can also see DCC RPG, Delta Green, ACKS, and a stack of OSR publications.  Shelf two is mostly AD&D (with multiple copies of the core books) with a few mint BX boxes (I have play copies for the table).  The bottom shelf has some Rules Cyclopedias, gazetteers and modules, and then a bunch of martial arts books (judo, BJJ, boxing).

The middle picture is a detail on various OSR or Indy publications that I wanted in print - I tend to use Realms of Crawling Chaos and the Mythos Encyclopedia the most.  Red Tide should be in there somewhere, it's cherished, and you can see ASE 1 peeking out (I'm surely getting ASE 2 sometime after the holiday season).

The last picture is what comes to the weekly game table for the Black City; we're using LOTFP as the main rules, but I don't go anywhere without Moldvay/Cook BX.

I have a theory about WOTC and these reprints we're seeing - as much as I like AD&D 1E, it has some deep flaws; it's safe to reprint.  But we'll never see a reprint of Moldvay BX, because otherwise, how would WOTC ever sell another version of D&D?

I'd settle for a BECMI reprint.

*This post is a continuation of Grognardia's bookshelf meme sweeping some of the old school D&D blogs.


  1. Hah. My copy of Best Judo is currently sitting on a side table with Mongoose's Legend on top of it (and, for shame, a small plate on top of that!).

  2. Agreed about B/X. In a perfect world, 5e would just be B/X reprinted in a sturdy 128-page hardcover edition.