Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goblins of the Spanish Main - Project Outline

Famous "monster hunter" Father Luis Diaz De La Torre is dead, leaving behind his field journal and library describing the existence of secret cults, blasphemous books and artifacts, fantastic treasures, crazed wizards, and dire magic spread across the remote areas of the Caribbean and New Spain.  The players have the father's notes, a worthy ship, and a large sandbox to explore covering the mid-17th century Caribbean and the Spanish Main.

I've added a page to the blog where I'll post links as campaign material gets generated.  Whenever this campaign is ready for the players, the public posts will stop (other than game reports).

  • Professional skills
  • Table of ship types
  • Chases
  • Maneuvers
  • Ship combat
  • Boarding actions
  • Wind and Current
  • Small Arms
  • Dueling and Fighting Styles


  • Map of the Caribbean
  • The Library of De La Torre (contents)
  • Home Base - Port Royal
  • Home Base - Tortuga
  • Settlements and Colonies
  • Ship Encounters
    • Ship tags
    • Random cargoes
  • Island Encounters
  • Rumors
  • 17th c. Name Generator

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