Friday, December 14, 2012

Second Year in the Books

Two years of writing are in the books here at the Lich House.  (Um, happy birthday, blog?).  If I had to characterize the two years, I'd say the first year was all about rediscovering old school gaming and soaking up ideas from the many great blogs and bloggers that went before; year two has been all about putting theory into practice.  The Black City campaign has been great fun, and I've developed valuable experience running a large megadungeon first hand.

Looking ahead, I predict year three for me will be all about expanding the form beyond the dungeon.  I've been scheming about nautical themed games, colonial hex crawls, wide area sandboxes, and putting the players in control of a larger troupe (like their own sailing ship and crew), and these disparate notions are cresting to where the Black City concept was a year ago.  Dungeons are too central to leave behind, but year three should involve a lot more blogging about gaming in the larger world and making those long wilderness treks just as exciting.

Sincere thanks to all the readers, commentators, and fellow bloggers; your suggestions, recommendations, and encouragement along the way have been invaluable, and my games have been much better for it.


  1. Congrats on the milestone. It's a rare post of yours that I don't read at least twice. You bring good things to the blogosphere.

  2. CONGRATS! I'm jealous of your output and your focus! I feel like I've been flailing around during my own return to the table-top over the last couple years. You and other bloggers like you are an inspiration.

  3. Looking forward to it. The Lich House is one of the best gaming blogs out there.

  4. I agree. Your blog is always good reading. Recaps included!