Friday, March 11, 2011

Recent poll results

I find that I put up a lot of polls.  I'm going to add these to the poll archive but thought I'd share the recent results.

Which Approach to the Realm of Fairy is Most Interesting?
Celtic (39%), Alien and Bizarre (27%), Law vs Chaos (24%), Shakespearian (9%), The Dresden Files (0%).

The crowd has spoken.  Celtic faeries, with a touch of the alien and bizarre.  Cut to Jim Butcher sitting in his living room with a fat zero:  "What's wrong with me?"

How do you use D&D or AD&D in your current setting?
My setting uses most of D&D as is (55%), I've overhauled D&D to fit my homebrew   (26%), I tweak D&D to emulate a literary or historical setting (17%).

See, this is where I realize most DMs are lazier wiser than me, letting D&D play to its strengths.  I've tried to do countless historical settings (I usually get burnt out at some point on the sheer amount of details available).

Which Lich House project is most interesting?
The Black City   (61%), War Machine for Greyhawk   (6%), AD&D's Implied Setting   (31%).

Well - there's a clear message - get off the fence and work on the Black City again!  I've crumpled a bunch of maps (literally and figuratively) and realized I was making the surface ruins too complicated - I've got a plan now - check in early next week.

I still plan on working through the DMG on the AD&D implied setting, and will need to do a few bits and pieces of the Greyhawk War Machine as my current campaign moves along.

Do you use love in your D&D games (from Valentine's Day):
Random harlot chart, page 192 1E DMG (50%), We explore dungeons, not characters (41%),
Characters have gotten married   (41%), Our games feature chaste, courtly love   (23%), My character is a fantasy heartbreaker  (8%).

These results kind of speak for themselves.  Though I would think more people who voted for the random harlot table might have thought of their characters as fantasy heartbreakers.

Oh yeah, I forgot - most folks use 4d6, drop the lowest, arrange as you like, and make Charisma a dump stat.  Har har.


  1. Black City and Celtic/Slavic Faeries for the win!

  2. "Cut to Jim Butcher sitting in his living room with a fat zero: "What's wrong with me?""

    Nothing that I know of, I just haven't read the books and so wasn't comfortable voting on them at all. I suspect the same went for at least some of the other voters.