Friday, July 13, 2012

LOTFP Campaign Target: Broodmother Sky Fortress

If you're out here following different OSR blogs, I'm sure you've seen a mention or two or five about the LOTFP adventure campaigns - James Raggi's ambitious (or insane) plan to get a slew of LOTFP adventures funded and published.  You can follow the link and go read a bit more about the campaigns and authors.

Here's an observation: I would guess there's a fair amount of "analysis paralysis" and wait-and-see going on; some of the higher reward levels involve funding one campaign, but getting free books from the other campaigns, but those perks only make sense if multiple campaigns actually get funded.  (To mitigate the risks, James is offering a sizeable store coupon if not enough campaigns get funded).  Heck, I'm still undecided the best approach myself, bouncing between going and funding a few individual campaigns that I really like, versus putting a big chunk down on one and hoping more get funded on their own.

So let me offer a suggestion:  if you're on the fence about which one to pick, let's get behind the Broodmother Sky Fortress campaign.  Here's the author's recommendation:

You know what your crapsack campaign world needs?  Giants made out of sharks and elephants, lurking in a haunted house in the clouds, ready to jump out of cyclopean shadows and murder your PCs right in their stupid faces.

If that's not enough to motivate you, the author, Jeff, has a video blog over at his place talking about the adventure in a bit more depth and seriousness:  Jeff's video blog.  Who doesn't want an adventure inspired by Against the Giants, that breaks new ground on structuring encounters and challenges with giants?  Jeff is a prolific OSR blogger, and having read quite a few of his game reports, I have to think he'll come up with an excellent adventure.

I'd be remiss without pointing out that the artist is a big draw as well (Stuart Robertson).  Stuart puts some art on his blog from time to time (Strange Magic), and his style is heavily influence by Mike Mignola and all those Hellboy comics I love.  This looks to me like the can't-miss team up.

For practical purposes, a reason to get behind the Broodmother Sky Fortress campaign is simple; it's the front-runner and is almost half funded already.  There are a bunch that sound real interesting to me; I love Jack Vance's writing, so I'd love to support  The Seclusium of Orphone.  The House of Bone and Amber also sounds good; I've really enjoyed Kevin's games, and I own great stuff from many of the other authors as well.  But I'm going to throw some weight behind Broodmother Sky Fortress, and we'll see what happens from there.  It's possible that when one of these things gets over the hump, folks on the fence will start supporting the next runners up.

Do you listen to podcasts?  I usually listen to some on the way to the office.  The Jennisodes podcast has been featuring various LOTFP authors talking about their campaigns.  I recently heard Jonathon Bingham, Vincent Baker, Kevin Crawford, and Ville "Burger" Vuorela talk about their story ideas.  It's a good chance to hear the authors explain their ideas, as well as some of the other games they've worked on.

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  1. I must be in the minority, because I feel much more drawn to the other offerings than Jeff's. Not that I have anything against his, it's just that the others seems so cool.