Thursday, June 12, 2014

Alas Poor Feedly, I Knew Him Well

Day two of the DDOS attack against Feedly, and I've lost track of many of the other blogs I read.  Supposedly the attack is mitigated, but I still haven't been able to get to Feedly.  Is anyone else in the same boat?  After google reader was taken out into the field and shot, I ported everything to Feedly.  It's been a good reader so far - although the effort is manual to add things to a blogroll so I rarely get to it.  It was much simpler when blogger had a follower widget on every blog and you could just hit 'follow' and then import them directly.

I've had to manage DDOS events in my career - no fun.  DDOS mitigation costs aren't burdensome to a big company, but I can imagine they're crushing to a start up.  It highlights how these cloud service providers we rely on are actually small shops behind the scenes.  Good luck Feedly team!

How are you keeping up with blogs these days?  Is there another popular reader, or are you just watching the G+ stream?

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