Monday, February 14, 2011

Archive of Polls

A couple of years from now I'm going to want to remember all the stupid instant polls I've slapped up in the corner of my blog; it's time I made an archive.  I'll archive completed polls here.

Mar 4, 2011:  Which Approach to the Realm of Fairy is Most Interesting?
Celtic (39%), Alien and Bizarre (27%), Law vs Chaos (24%), Shakespearian (9%), The Dresden Files (0%).

The crowd has spoken.  Celtic faeries, with a touch of the alien and bizarre.  Cut to Jim Butcher sitting in his living room with a fat zero:  "What's wrong with me?"

Feb 21, 2011:  How do you use D&D or AD&D in your current setting?
My setting uses most of D&D as is (55%), I've overhauled D&D to fit my homebrew   (26%), I tweak D&D to emulate a literary or historical setting (17%).

See, this is where I realize most DMs are lazier wiser than me, letting D&D play to it's strengths.  I've tried to do countless historical settings (I usually get burnt out at some point on the sheer amount of details available).

Feb 23, 2011:  Which Lich House project is most interesting?
The Black City   (61%), War Machine for Greyhawk   (6%), AD&D's Implied Setting   (31%).  Well - there's a clear message - maybe less blogging on, get off the fence and work on the Black City again?  I've crumpled a bunch of maps (literally and figuratively) and realized I was making the surface ruins too complicated - I've got a plan now - check in early next week.

I still plan on working through the DMG on the AD&D implied setting, and need to do bits and pieces of the Greyhawk War Machine as my current campaign moves along.

Feb 14, 2011:  Do you use love in your D&D games (from Valentine's Day):
Random harlot chart, page 192 1E DMG (50%), We explore dungeons, not characters (41%),
Characters have gotten married   (41%), Our games feature chaste, courtly love   (23%), My character is a fantasy heartbreaker  (8%).

These results kind of speak for themselves.  Though I would think more people who voted for the random harlot table might have thought of themselves as fantasy heartbreakers.

Oh yeah, I forgot - most folks use 4d6, drop the lowest, arrange as you like, and make Charisma the dump stat.

Feb 5, 2011:  Should I post Game Reports Here?
The majority of readers thought it would be a good idea to have game reports out here
I like game reports, put 'em here (53%), Keep 'em on Dragonsfoot (15%) ,Cross-post in both places (30%).

Jan 23, 2011:  Can the player's kill the king?
This one came out like 24-2 in favor of giving players freedom in the sandbox to try and overthrow kings and rulers, versus barring such activity as 'not what the game is about'.

Dec 29, 2010:  Who were the founders of the Black City?
Folks thought Yog-Sothoth worshipping aliens (The Greys) made better antagonists than time-traveling dinosauroids (The Reptoids).

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