Monday, February 7, 2011

New Look for Dreams in the Lich House

A sad truth became unavoidable, when I pointed out that Arkhein's kiddo's blog had more visual appeal than Dreams in the Lich House.  I did some tidying up and painting here this weekend.  A buddy of mine is working on some cool hand-drawn Cthulhoid art for the header, but in the meantime, enjoy the zombies...


  1. I love zombies but ehy, hand-drawn cthulhoid art?! No game :D

  2. Sweet. Looking forward to seeing the new header.

  3. What is this new blog on the block . . . pretty spiffy . . . ZOMG! It's Beedo's blog! Kewl.

    Cthulhoid art? Hand crafted? I want some!

    - Ark