Friday, March 25, 2011

Black City Friday - Sketch

Follow up to last post: Introducing Black City Friday.

The Northmen discovered Thule a few years ago and began exploring the Black City.  The first raiders that returned with gold and artifacts created a gold rush type atmosphere, and now there's a summer trading camp further south along the fjord each year for adventurers to use as a base.

My friend Felt put together this neat sketch of a viking descending to the first level of the dungeon (the transit tunnels) using the Well of Woe entrance.


  1. Nice picture. Do you intend to publish Black City once it's all done and play-tested?

  2. I was leaving it open as an option - one of the OSR products I love is "Stonehell Dungeon", and I love how that evolved from a home brew to a product.

    Since my current group *loves* Gothic Greyhawk, we probably wouldn't playtest the Black City until a TPK, so development of the campaign is on the slow train.