Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Improvisation and Greyhawk

In the Stonehell review, I mentioned how the 1 page dungeon format and Stonehell's 2-page dungeon format are really throwbacks to the 70's - I knew I had seen some pictures of Gary running a level in the original Castle Greyhawk in a similar manner.

Folks get caught up with how intricate is the map, the dead ends and ability to get lost.  I like seeing the map key on the left page - you can see how sparse it is, really just a bare bones list of scrawled notes.  It's a style that implies a lot of improvisation, keeping the details in your head, or both, and if you're comfortable with that style, improvising can be *fun*.


  1. It reminds me of the point form notes I make for teaching / presentations.

  2. I can see that - I get roped into presenting from time to time at work as well, memory joggers and an outline are all you need. It's likely Gary approached his game the same - kept all up here (Beedo gestures to his skull).

  3. I have certainly been guilty of penning overly wordy adventures, and pics like this (and Stonehell, and the one-page dungeon concept generally) have inspired a long-overdue rethink regarding how I organise and present my material for ease of use.

    However, the most important lesson to be learned from that photo is that single malt whisky is properly old school. SlĂ inte mhath!