Friday, September 2, 2011

Get Ready for Twenty Five Days of Terror

I'm jumping in to participate in the OSR September of Short Adventures thing and will be posting 25 short adventure stubs.  Each one will feature a horror themed encounter with a unique 'monster'.

Some months back I mentioned that one of the things I'd like to work on is a Weird Horror themed sandbox setting; I wanted to adapt some of the Chaosium Lovecraft Country stuff to D&D.  Cranking out 25 short horror encounters should give me a nice push in that direction (though to be fair - a lot of these will be general horror, not purely Lovecraft-themed).   If I like how some of them turn out, I could see elaborating them with stats and putting them in a sandbox setting.  The material should be system neutral, though I'll be writing it with the LOTFP assumptions in mind - post-Medieval European.

Integrating a new adopted son into our family has eaten up a lot of computer time for learning new creative tools (ie, good mapping programs) so the Black City has stalled temporarily; this will keep me writing the good stuff in the meantime.

My brainstorming tables are ready to go, including my first D30 table; I'll post them when I get the chance and proudly join the Order of the D30.

First trip into terror will be tonight!

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