Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fundraising for the LOTFP Free RPG Day Thing

I am obligated by all that is terrible and glorious to call special attention to this Lamentations of the Flame Princess effort.  LOTFP is trying to generate funds to create a print-version of a new adventure, and distribute it as part of Free RPG day.  It's already funded as a PDF, but it needs to go further to get published as a free book, too.  You can read the blurb here on the Kickstarter page:  "Better Than Any Man" Kickstarter.

The adventure itself looks awesome.  That cover image is creepy and… more creepy.  You just know the adventure is going to be Sexviolenceheavymetal, as James says, and shock some sensibilities.  If it funds, you can get a printed copy at Free RPG Day; if you support the Kickstarter campaign, you can kick in some extra dollars and have a paper copy mailed and save yourself the trip to the game store.  Four (new) LOTFP adventures are being offered as PDFs for campaign supporters, with print versions offered in the higher levels, and lots of other publishers are including their own books in the perks.  It's a regular party.

LOTFP is leading the charge at extending old school adventures into off-beat genres with its horror and sci-fi adventures - the niche is a tasty blend of weirdness and dread that's never going to be colonized by a big corporation.  More LOTFP cultists, err, players, means more big name writers doing LOTFP cross-over material.  Creative, shocking, and challenging adventures, written by talented folks in our gaming space, are projects I'll gladly promote and throw some support behind.