Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New at D&D Classics

Some new titles have been added to the OBS D&D classics section - Cook Expert rules and B10 Night's Dark Terror!  Queued for immediately download.  I reference the Expert rules quite a bit, it's fantastic to have a bookmarked, searchable version.  I'm really happy with the scan of B10 - they did an excellent job converting it to a nice looking, useable PDF.  The original had many oversized maps and double-sized maps, making it problematic on previous scans.  I didn't look for a definitive list of new items, but I don’t remember seeing T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil last time; that looks new as well.

B10 Night's Dark Terror is a phenomenal adventure; if you missed it back in the day, now's your chance.  I'll pen a brief review later, after the nerd-buzz calms down.  I'd still love to see the Creature Crucible series added; the Mystaran Gazetteers; 2E Ravenloft and some of the Ravenloft adventures; and 1E Gamma World added to the catalog, but now I'm glad to wait.


  1. Despite owning the vast majority of Mentzer D&D/Mystara products (I don't have B10, so...), I think I'll be picking up a lot of .pdfs over the next few days. I like to be able to scribble all over the books, I wouldn't dare do that with the originals.

    However, I bought the U1-3 bundle, and was very disappointed with the scan of U1, and can see some problems with U2. They're not terrible - if your mate had scanned them for you. They are terrible when they're from the biggest RPG publisher on the planet (whether we're talking TSR or WoTC).

  2. Never ran that one Beedo. Sounds cool. Just as an FYI the "Cook" expert rules were written by Steve Marsh. Cook was the line editor and added some of the wilderness section (maps), but it really should be "Marsh" Expert if anyone's name need be attached.