Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New at D&D Classics

Some new titles have been added to the OBS D&D classics section - Cook Expert rules and B10 Night's Dark Terror!  Queued for immediately download.  I reference the Expert rules quite a bit, it's fantastic to have a bookmarked, searchable version.  I'm really happy with the scan of B10 - they did an excellent job converting it to a nice looking, useable PDF.  The original had many oversized maps and double-sized maps, making it problematic on previous scans.  I didn't look for a definitive list of new items, but I don’t remember seeing T1-4 Temple of Elemental Evil last time; that looks new as well.

B10 Night's Dark Terror is a phenomenal adventure; if you missed it back in the day, now's your chance.  I'll pen a brief review later, after the nerd-buzz calms down.  I'd still love to see the Creature Crucible series added; the Mystaran Gazetteers; 2E Ravenloft and some of the Ravenloft adventures; and 1E Gamma World added to the catalog, but now I'm glad to wait.