Sunday, March 25, 2012

Orcus Casts His Shadow Over the American League

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Fielder crushes baseballs the way Orcus crushes skulls

Gaming has been absent from our table the past two weekends due to fantasy baseball drafts; a buddy asked me to co-manage his team in one league, that was last weekend, and yesterday was my regular draft.  I usually try to keep the blog mostly on topic - but it's time for another (annual) frivolous post about my other fantasy obsession…

Prince Fielder is the Orcus of MLB.  He's big, mean to pitchers, and smashes baseballs the way Orcus crushes skulls.  Now he's taking his show to the Motor City and the AL Central.  We keep 10 players from the previous season's roster, ensuring some team continuity and plenty of chatter and trades throughout the offseason; it's good to take a few prospects each year and see if anyone pans out.  (Last year I struck gold drafting Eric Hosmer).  Other league notes for the baseball savvy:  10 teams, roto scoring, 6x6, and the extra two stats categories are walks (for hitters) and holds (for relievers).

I've won the league two years in a row now, taking home the coveted Captain America Bobble Head Trophy.  One of my players, Mike, is in this league, and a fellow blogger, fantasy writer Gary (over at Eye on Ashenclaw) could be this year's favorite to win it - he's got an all-world offense lined up.

Here is this year's version of Team Beedo, the 2012 Rockwood Raiders.  Bolded guys were keepers from last year:

The coveted Captain America bobble head trophy
C:  Mike Napoli
1B:  Prince Fielder ORCUS
2B:  Ben Zobrist
SS:  Elvis Andrus
3B:  Evan Longoria
OF:  Jacoby Ellsbury
OF:  Adam Jones
OF:  Drew Stubbs
DH:  Eric Hosmer

SP:  Cliff Lee
SP:  CC Sabbathia
SP:  Mat Latos
SP:  Brandon Beachy
SP:  Corey Luebke
RP:  Joel Hanrahan
RP:  Rafael Betancourt
RP:  Kyle Farnsworth
RP:  Sergio Romo
RP:  Mark Melancon

Bench Players and Prospects:
Yadier Molina, Jose Tabata, JD Martinez, Jhonny Peralta, Mark Trumbo, Anthony Rendon, Nolan Arenado

Here was last year's team:  2011 Team Beedo.  Yep, it's true - I used to have Clayton Kershaw.  I ended up trading him for Ben Zobrist, Nelson Cruz, and Mat Latos in July, giving up baseball's best pitcher (my opinion) to put me over the top and win.  Flags fly forever.  Or the cooler version:  Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever.


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