Thursday, January 20, 2011

Most Anticipated Gaming Products - 2011

Today is a light posting day - won't have the chance to write later tonight.  When I head home from work, it'll be a birthday party for my son (he's turning 9), and we've had family in town, keeping me from locking myself in the study and working on The Black City.

If you've followed the kid's game over at Dragonsfoot, be sure to wish Soap the Wizard a happy birthday; he'll be having a sleepover tomorrow and I'll be running a special game of B4 The Lost City for the assembled youths, while we take a short break from Stonehell Dungeon.

Thinking ahead to the rest of the year, here's a bunch of stuff in the world of D&D and Cthulhu gaming to which I'm looking forward.  How about you?  What are your most anticipated gaming products for 2011?

Goblinoid Games - Realms of Crawling Chaos
My head exploded when I saw this announcement; it went right to the top of the wish list.  Sounds like it's less than a few months away, so I won't wear a hole in the carpet pacing back and forth in anticipation.  I recently got my hardback of Mutant Future, so that should help wile away the time.

LOTFP - Various Things
I'm looking forward to getting a high production value version of Carcosa; I go for a lot of PDFs but will break the rules on this one.  The Island of the Unknown is interesting, as is Death Ferox Doom.  I'm still on the fence about the Grindhouse Edition - it might depend on the box; I'm not sure about a not-safe-for-kids game when the game room is constantly invaded by 8-9 year olds.

Trail of Cthulhu - Cthulhu Apocalypse
There's been 30 years of epic, world-spanning campaigns in the Call of Cthulhu line, and someone has finally asked the question - okay, what if the first group of investigators/heroes failed to stop the end of the world, and the PC's are the ones trying to figure out how it happened, after a Great Old One returned and wrecked everything.  Cthulhu and post-apocalypse; almost as good as peanut butter and chocolate (D&D and Horror).

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
I don't exactly need another set of rules, but I'm intrigued by the 'back to Appendix N' approach, and from what I've seen about the proposed magic system, it might fit the pulp source literature and sorcery better than D&D's system - it's worth watching.  Not ready for Gencon, though?... ouch.

There are some other items I'll be picking up or keeping an eye out for - I tend to get some PDF adventures from the little guys, and will continue to do so; I'm still keeping an eye on Frog God Games as they get rolling; there's a good chance I'll get the Cthulhu Invictus campaign (Cthulhu Invictus is for Cthulhu gaming in historical ancient Rome); I'm intrigued by Sword and Sanity - it's right in my wheelhouse of interests.  And I'll hope to hear that Chaosium will finally reprint Beyond the Mountains of Madness...

Perhaps the best news - looks like I'll be heading out to GenCon.  The recent OSR announcement was enough to overcome my malaise and inertia.  Besides, I want to be there playing Moldvay, Labyrinth Lord or WFRP when WOTC announces 5th edition...

Weird Adventures
Trey over at From the Sorceror's Skull just posted a preview for Weird Adventures - I forgot that his stuff might be compiled as a book in 2011; that one goes right on the list too.  D&D classes and monsters in a pulp action world reminiscent of early 20th century America.


  1. For me:
    Realms of Crawling Chaos:
    Masks of Nyartholetep reprint
    A reprinted Mountains of Madness would be awesome!
    Especially alongside a new printing of Horror On the Orient Express!
    Delving Deeper by Brave Halfling(Box Set for $30, yay!)
    A new copy of B4 The Lost City, the Moldvay Masterpiece.(CAS horror vibes, this is a must! Will use Holmes Set, this version exudes the Weird![Purple Worms FTW!])
    LotFP GE.

    varies by household. But wasn't the original cover deemed too 'racy' for some? IME, kids don't really pay as much attention to 'adult' things as adults believe they do. Whole different world. Besides, don't you run a 'kid'-oriented game on the side anyhow? The 'Geoff' campaign, IIRC. You could always pull a box swap anyhow, I'd say.

    Besides, I want to be there playing Moldvay, Labyrinth Lord or WFRP when WOTC announces 5th edition...:
    'schadenfreude'? ;-D WFRP, 1st Edition, right?

  2. Can I SPAM my Chronicles of Amherth setting here? It's a fantasy setting on the surface with a scifi backdrop. Dragonriders, immortal emperors, airships, lost civilizations, machines built by ancient magic, and more. It'll be the default setting for most of my future adventures. Looking at a 1st quarter release right now. </spam]

    Small Niche Games

  3. Can I SPAM my Chronicles of Amherth setting here?

    Well, since it's you, Pete...

    There were aspects I loved about the old Mystara setting, it was very high magic and a bit gonzo. When I hear about airships and dragon riders, makes me think of the Princess Ark or the Heldannic Knights.