Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creativity, Standardization, and Cranky Grognards

It's funny how the mind can correlate unrelated blog posts.

Today I was over at Alexis's place - he's been railing against the RJK interview that happened over on the Hill Cantons.  Anyway, one of his many theses seems to be that D&D needs standardization (bear in mind, the only right way to play D&D is his way).  So I'm just another useless blogger.  Man, I love that guy.

Then you read about Ark and his frustration with 4E.  We played 4E for almost two years before returning to classic D&D; we know all about it.  Let me tell you, 4E is chock full of standardization.  Mountains of standards.  Rules and a core system that cover everything.  Go check out Ark's piece to see how he really feels about all those mechanics.

Then I'm over at Grognardia reading how Ed Greenwood doesn't bother with the rule book or roll the dice unless its combat, adjudicates all the non-combat bits by pure DM fiat, and it's a rip-roaring session.

The Standard for old school play needs to be Creative DMs.  There, I've solved it.

Edit:  Added Links
Alexis argues for conformity and standards
Ark rails against 4E's Mechanics
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