Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dungeon Mastering for 9-year olds

Things you find yourself saying when DMing for 9-year olds.

No dice stacking.
No pog stacking.
Don't try to stack miniatures, either.
No,  I don't have an elf miniature throwing a spear; I'm sorry you think that miniature sucks.
Could you stop rolling all your dice over and over again?
Put up your hand to ask a question.
No drumming with your hands, please.
Pencils aren't drumsticks either.
Try to roll your dice *on* the table.
Quick, get your dice off the floor before the dog gets it.
The dog got your dice.
Please stop tearing chunks off your character sheet.
Who's kicking the table?
Ahem.  No dice stacking, remember?
Someone's kicking the table again.
Careful with the water pitcher… uh.  You did it.  You swamped your character sheet.

Also, my son decided to start his own blog.  Chronicles of Nogal.  He just turned 9, so we have plenty of work to do with basic gammar, but he's getting pretty good at typing.  Here are his thoughts on the recent kid's game:

Kids game part 1
Kids game part 2