Friday, February 18, 2011

Recipient of the prestigious Newbie Blogger Award

Welcome to the Award Winning Dreams in the Lich House blog.  Thanks Tim, over at Gothridge Manor, for the kindly attention - it's very cool.  If you're new here, I like to explore the intersection of fantasy and horror gaming and the awesome literature supporting it; since I'm working hard to grow a new crop of younger gamers, there are also some  posts on how the kids are doing in their game.

If you're just dropping by for the first time, here are the posts that seem to be the most popular (based on page views):

Horror in Dungeons & Dragons
An exploration of how to slip some horror elements into your D&D game

I just nuked Gothic Greyhawk
Death Frost Doom campaign recap
The two posts about my players unleashing a zombie apocalypse on the campaign setting through LotFP's Death Frost Doom adventure.

Gothic Greyhawk - My Current Campaign
An overview of the current campaign setting

Winter is Coming… and so is Gamer A.D.D.
Some techniques for handling Gamer Attention Deficit Disorder

Useful, (non-self-promotional) posts will resume shortly...


  1. Congrats Beedo! You've earned it!

  2. Congrats Beedo. Keep up the great work.

  3. Congratulations Bee! You've made a great work with DitLH!

  4. Well done! I am only a recent reader of your blog, but having caught up with your posts I am now an avid and regular reader. I love it. And your posts have been interesting and inspiring, and made me buy Death Frost Doom as well, just so I can play havoc with my poor unsuspecting players :)